Paragon 700
Paragon 700
- - The Project

The Project

Why Puglia? The question is almost shocking to the new owners of the Palazzo Rosso. “You have everything here: the food, the culture, the history, the landscapes, the land, the sea!” Pascale and Ulrike know what they’re talking about. In the meantime, they had completely revamped a beach-club in Specchiolla, the P-Beach lido. Here again, they couldn’t resist the draw of a good opportunity and it’s all for the better. The elegance of the place, its charm and its cuisine have made it a smash hit in under a month.

“Coming to Italy to rest? Well, that was quite a rest!” Ulrike thinks it’s hilarious but she’s happy. Even though their new project, the Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel, has required intense attention for several years, both Pascale’s creativity and Ulrike’s management skills.

At the time of opening and after months of daunting work, the Paragon 700 was ready to unveil its 11 rooms and their unique features. Its bar, its natural spa, its restaurant…

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Covid - PCR test at the hotel

Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & SPA will open its doors again in April 2021
(subject to change due to government restrictions).


We partnered with Laboratory Alfa in Ostuni, and we offer the possibilities of having the PCR test at the hotel for all the guests who might need it for their return journeys.


We can't wait to have you as our guests!